Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Pledges $500,000 to Building Project

Riverside Casino Donation

The fundraising efforts for the new YMCA in Washington received a huge boost when the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort pledged to donate $500,000 over 5 years to the Washington County YMCA. “As one of the oldest YMCA buildings in the nation, we are honored to give back to this community organization, especially to help a community that has been so supportive of us throughout the years,” said Dan Kehl, CEO of Riverside Casino & Golf Resort. This is the largest donation of its kind that has been given by the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort board to a local organization. “This pledge shows tremendous support for the YMCA building project from the Riverside Casino board of directors and we are honored to receive this generous gift,” said Amy Schulte, Interim CEO of the YMCA of Washington County.

“The vision and leadership of the board is strong and we are happy to be a part of it; not only for what the YMCA does for the families of Washington County but nationwide. All communities face challenges, and this is a great opportunity to offer our support. ” said Dan Kehl, CEO of Riverside Casino & Golf Resort. “We are very excited about the impact that this gift has on our fundraising and we hope that it will encourage others in the community to support this project as well. We need to complete this portion of the fundraising so we can begin focusing on Phase 2 – a 6 lane pool for the community” said Amy Schulte, Interim CEO of the YMCA

This pledge takes the total funds raised to just over $3.5 million of the $9 million that is needed for Phase 1. The goal for the project is to raise another $1.5 million this spring and to reapply to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation and Enhance Iowa.

This gift should not be confused with grant funds that are available through the Washington County Riverboat Foundation, which holds the gaming license for the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort. The YMCA was awarded a $3.5 million grant from the WCRF that expired this past December because the fundraising was not completed in the time. The committee that is in charge of raising funds for the new YMCA has continued its efforts and has been successful in raising just over $1 million dollars since October and is continuing to seek donations from the public and private foundations.

“The release of the interior animation of the new facility generated a lot of excitement surrounding the project and gave the community the chance to really see what they are supporting. This donation coming so closely after that release has been an amazing start to 2018, now our goal is to end the year by starting construction of Phase 1,” said Amy Schulte Interim CEO of the YMCA